Before this adventure began, I had a different mindset about the forest and animals. Besides, I had no idea what my job would be. On my first day at the Tesoro Escondido Reserve I met new friends with whom we formed a great team and now we are like a family because we live together day by day and share some tasks.

Photo: Casa de campo, Reserva Tesoro Escondido

Taken by: Ronaldo Mesias

Volunteers and scientific research for conservation are part of the Reserve’s projects. I was curious when visitors and volunteers started arriving; interacting with them is a challenge because we usually speak different languages and, at the same time, this is one of the best experiences because we our mutual knowledge. I like to learn about their countries, their language and their culture. They come from faraway places in search of animals from the primary forest. Their passion and interest are contagious and they inspire me.

During my first month working here I accompanied a couple of visitors: Juan Jose and Beka. We walked along one of the trails and we followed the river to observe frogs. Suddenly, an event I could hardly believe occurred and it produced in us a clash of emotions.

We found on the path an intimidating jaguar that was watching us fixedly and curiously…. with its penetrating gaze. In the end, it withdrew as if accepting us in the forest. With a little luck and despite the accelerated pulse, I managed to capture it in this photograph. What seemed like a dream became a reality that produced a change in my mindset because it allowed me to understand that we are fortunate to find such species close to us –species that are hunted and not valued by society for their importance for conservation.



Photo: Jaguar –Panthera onca

Taken by: Jhonny Encarnación

Writtent by: Jhonny Encarnación

Parabiólogo de la Reserva Tesoro Escondido