Reserva Tesoro Escondido

– About us-

The Tesoro Escondido Reserve protects over 2000 hectares of primary forest in the Chocó lowlands, a global biodiversity hotspot. This area in the province Esmeraldas is highly threatened by anthropogenic activities such as timber extraction, monocrops and mining concessions.

The reserve protects one of the last healthy populations of Ecuadorian brown-headed spider monkeys as well as other endangered species such as the Great Green Macaw, the Banded-Ground Cuckoo, the Harpy Eagle, the magnificent jaguar, pumas and an incredible diversity of herpetofauna.

The reserve collaborates with farmer families who offer their houses to host visitors, offering a unique experience in rural Ecuador.


The Tesoro Escondido reserve works on:

  • Scientific research together with national and international universities, scientists, students and our parabiologist team
  • Permanent environmental education programme in 10 communities
  • Community projects such as agroecological gardens and reforestation
  • Support to projects such as ecotourism and small chocolate businesses in local communities



    Al Jazeera English and Black Leaf films present the documentary “Ecuador’s Hidden Treasure” part of the series Women in Science where the work of our director Citlalli Morelos and the reserve’s team is shown.

    Other documentaries portraying our work in conservation.

    -Tesoro Escondido Reserve’s friends-

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    If you are interested in visiting us, carry out research or follow our volunteer programme, please contact us


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    +593 98 648 8916