“Be conscious, make a change, spread love – gift a tree”

The Ecuadorian Chocó is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world; however, every day it loses the equivalent of 100 soccer fields from its primary forests.

The Tesoro Escondido Reserve, in its reforestation program, restores degraded habitats with more than 30 species of native trees, a process carried out from scratch with the collection and germination of forest seeds.

Some of these species, such as Magnolia dixonii and Magnolia canandeana, are critically endangered species that are only found in this area. Others such as Matisia palenquiana and Lecythis ampla, are threatened and rare species, which are very important for animals in our forests such as the Great Green Macaws and Brown-headed Spider Monkeys.

With your gift you contribute to the conservation of this incredible habitat and to the continuation of our work.

With your gift you will receive:

  • Tree care for 24 months.
  • Tree marked with your name or that of the person to whom you dedicate it.
  • Photograph of your planted tree and GPS point.
  • Donation certificate with the information of the species of your tree.
  • Photograph of your tree every six months