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We consistently strive to create our own resources and maintain self-sustainability. However, occasional additional support proves crucial to sustain our activities. Each donation to the Tesoro Escondido Reserve Foundation holds immense value and makes a profound impact. The protected area we oversee is threatened by activities such as logging, illegal hunting, and monocultures but is also home for one of the last healthy populations of Ecuadorian brown-headed spider monkeys as well as other endangered species such as the Great Green Macaw, the Banded-Ground Cuckoo, the Harpy Eagle, the magnificent jaguar, pumas and an incredible diversity of herpetofauna.  

Assuming responsibility for the conservation of this area within the Chocó lowlands your contributions will empower the Tesoro Escondido Reserve to continue to: 

– Protect the primary forest through scientific research via ongoing monitoring programs to deepen our understanding of the forest ecosystem, study local species, and conduct various research initiatives. 

– Your donations directly facilitate all our environmental education programs, to give more workshops to the communities, to have several visits of children to the reserve. 

– Empowering girls and women in rural areas with knowledge about conservation and sustainable practices. 

– Enhancing the well-being of local communities that can be achieved by promoting awareness of agroecology, establishing community gardens, educating about organic fertilizers, and advocating for better nutrition. 

How to do it ?

You can support our conservation effort with Conservation Allies, they are a conservation nonprofit organization that was born with the purpose of supporting organizations dedicated to biodiversity conservation around the world.  

– Donating  through Conservation Allies means that 100% of your donation goes directly to US. 

– Conservation Allies charges no overhead fees or administration costs. 

– Make donations from all over the world with different ways to donate 

– All donations made from the United States are fully tax-deductible.