Research and parabiologist programme

“Science to underpin conservation action”




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Scientific research generated from within the reserve is a priority and a permanent activity for all the staff. Research projects are carried out by students, researchers and by our parabiologists.

A parabiologist is a person from a local community who is trained to become a research assistant. They undergo a process of permanent tutoring and ends up specializing in one or two topics. Results from research are published and presented by scientists and parabiologists in different national and international forums and journals.

For long term projects we offer research groups the possibility to collect and send data by our parabiologist group (with training in the specific topic). 

Some permanent projects we carry out:

  • Biodiversity monitoring using camera traps
  • Monitoring of a harpy eagle’s nest (Harpia harpyja)
  • Amphibian monitoring in different habitats and altitudes
  • Propagation of critically endangered trees Magnolia dixonii and M.canandeana
  • Primate monitoring focused on the critically endangered Ateles fusciceps fusciceps